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The family’s motel room had three beds, a single toilet, a shower, and no cooking or washing facilities. The accommodation was not appropriate to meet the needs of two adults, five children, and one child on the way but, with no family emergency accommodation available to them, it was the only affordable option.

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Home for Christmas – the greatest gift of all!

For Abigail*, this will be a Christmas to remember. Abigail had a tough year but is now looking forward to the future with confidence and optimism.

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“When you’re living on the street, how do you go to interviews, hold down a job, or meet all your Newstart obligations?”

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Photo of the entry foyer of Brisbane Common Ground.


When the 500 Lives 500 Homes Registry team interviewed Rebecca in March, she’d just arrived from hospital after giving birth to her daughter, Jeannie.

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"... Approximately three and a half years ago I became homeless with my adult daughter. At that time my daughter and I were in a co-tenancy arrangement with a relative who basically evicted us in the most difficult of circumstances. I was duped out of my life savings, my dignity and my home."

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Sleeping Rough: Photography by Jo Bennett.