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500 Lives 500 Homes: Registry Fortnight Data Analysis Presentation

500 Lives 500 Homes began with a community-wide Registry Fortnight from Monday 24 March to Friday 4 April 2014.

Volunteers and local agencies surveyed families, young people and adults in the Brisbane Local Government Area who are homeless or vulnerably housed. From this we know 961 individuals and families by name and what they need. We also surveyed 221 people supported in level 3 accommodation.

At a community forum following the Registry Fortnight we presented an snap shot of the survey information that was collected during the fortnight. With this rich baseline data as our evidence base, we can begin working on achieving the target to house 500 of the most vulnerable people within our community in the next three years.

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Linda Kaufman: Kicking off the campaign with Linda Kaufman - the National Field Organiser for Community Solutions’ 100,000 Homes Campaign. Linda has joined us to train the 500 Lives 500 Homes volunteers and workers. Jim DeCouto and Karyn Walsh from Micah Projects joined Linda for a coffee on her first morning in Aus.