POSTED 31-01-2017

Campaign Partners Progress Report

What started in March 2014 with the goal of working collectively to house 500 households in three years. As at 28 February 2017, we have permanently housed 553 households – a pretty good indication that the strategies we have identified in our Housing First Roadmap are effective!

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POSTED 08-12-2016

500 Lives 500 Homes - 268 women have a home

This factsheet highlights the health conditions and psycho-social profiles of 268 women permanently housed through the 500 Lives 500 Homes Campaign as at 30 November 2016. The campaign partners have collectively assisted 268 women with 317 children into their own safe, secure, permanent housing.

It has been compiled during Orange the world:16 days of activism against gender violence

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POSTED 10-08-2016

Housing First: A roadmap to ending homelessness in Brisbane

A permanent end to homelessness in Brisbane can and should be a reality, but no single organisation can achieve this in isolation. This Roadmap provides a practical action plan for government and non-government agencies, businesses and individual citizens to work together, so a permanent end to homelessness is a reality.

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ABC Spencer Howsen 5 minute discussion about the Roadmap to end homelessness, 9 August 2016

POSTED 22-07-2016

Brisbane Common Ground Evaluation Snapshot

This 2016 snapshot is from Brisbane Common Ground Evaluation: Final Report by Dr Cameron Parsell. The report was prepared for the Queensland Government, Department of Housing and Public Works by the Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland. 

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View Brisbane Common Ground Evaluation: Final Report

POSTED 26-11-2015

Halfway there!

We know the problem, we have the solutions and we’ve identified the strategies and goals that will see us through the next half of the campaign and beyond.

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POSTED 18-07-2014

Emerging Trends: VI-SPDAT and VI-F-SPDAT factsheets

These factsheets represent a snapshot of people surveyed in the Brisbane region. Data was collected and analysed for demographics, vulnerability, acuity of homelessness and various self-reported health issues.

Adult Families

Adult Individuals


Older Individuals

Rough Sleepers

Level 3 Supported Accommodation


Young Families


POSTED 17-07-2014

Housing First Principles

Housing First involves the rapid identification and provision of suitable, long-term housing, coupled with the necessary services that individuals and families require to maintain this housing.

Housing First Factsheet

POSTED 11-04-2014

500 Lives 500 Homes: Registry Fortnight Data Analysis Presentation

Registry Fortnight 2014 Data Analysis Presentation

500 Lives 500 Homes began with a community-wide Registry Fortnight from Monday 24 March to Friday 4 April 2014.

Volunteers and local agencies surveyed families, young people and adults in the Brisbane Local Government Area who are homeless or vulnerably housed. From this we know 961 individuals and families by name and what they need. We also surveyed 221 people supported in level 3 accommodation.

At a community forum following the Registry Fortnight we presented an snap shot of the survey information that was collected during the fortnight. With this rich baseline data as our evidence base, we can begin working on achieving the target to house 500 of the most vulnerable people within our community in the next three years.

For more information please click here to read the community forum presentation.

POSTED 06-03-2014

500 Lives 500 Homes factsheet

500 Lives 500 Homes is a three year campaign to break the cycle of homelessness for families, young people and adults in our community who are homeless, vulnerable or in need of support.

500 Lives 500 Homes is a coalition of government, non-government agencies and Brisbane City Council.

For more information please click here to read the campaign factsheet.

POSTED 06-03-2014

500 Lives 500 Homes SAPA factsheet

This campaign factsheet is for people in Supported Accommodation or for members of the Supported Accommodation Providers Association (SAPA).

For more information please click here to read the campaign factsheet.

POSTED 24-10-2013

An evaluation of Brisbane’s Street to Home Program: policy, practice, clients, outcomes.

Final Report 2013 (Australia)

Cameron Parsell, Wojtek Tomaszewski and Andrew Jones,
The University of Queensland

Click here to read the Final Report and Evidence Note 40

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Chris, Tammy, Kathryn and Pat: The 500 Lives Army jumped straight into it the day before the campaign launch. The volunteers braved an absolute onslaught of paperwork AND also packed 300 info showbags for our training. Thanks a million Chris, Tammy, Kathryn and Pat!