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It is so easy to support 500 Lives 500 Homes and make a difference in Brisbane.

A key factor in making housing work for people who are exiting chronic homelessness is the crucial ‘move-in’ period. It is essential that people move into homes that are furnished and fitted-out to give them the best chance of starting over. A house is not a home without the facilities to cook, clean, sleep and relax.

Your donation will help end homelessness for one person or family in Brisbane.

All donations made to 500 Lives 500 Homes will go directly to a fund for families and individuals who have been housed through the campaign to set up their new home. 

From our experience we can do this for around $2,500. 100% of the funds you donate will go directly to an individual or family to help them in their new home, regardless of whether we reach the full amount, or just a little. 

To donate, please click here. 

To donate a Welcome Pack, please click here.

Poverty, social exclusion and isolation continue to impact on many people who live in Brisbane and the housing crisis shows no signs of abating. The high cost of living compounds the vulnerability of people subsisting on low incomes. You can assist 500 Lives 500 Homes to continue to provide support for people who are experiencing homelessness or are vulnerable by giving a cash donation.

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Linda Kaufman: Kicking off the campaign with Linda Kaufman - the National Field Organiser for Community Solutions’ 100,000 Homes Campaign. Linda has joined us to train the 500 Lives 500 Homes volunteers and workers. Jim DeCouto and Karyn Walsh from Micah Projects joined Linda for a coffee on her first morning in Aus.